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After-sale Service

一、Service concept: customer service to allow customers to obtain the fast, effective, satisfactory service


二、After sale service contact: when consumers need help, please obtain service according to the following manner:

1. refer to the authorized dealers, store service telephone;

2. snow and rain national service hotline 4001115185
3. e-mail:info@falannuo.com


三、After sale service process


四、After sale service policy (three pack)

1 to buy a certain amount can obtain service card, enjoy free installation, maintenance, repair value services;

2 seven days, to buy products such as packaging intact and used can free replacement is not installed, provisions of special customized products or contract otherwise;

3 since the date of purchase, the product warranty card within the specified time limit, such as product quality factors of the fault, the user can enjoy the warranty service; such as after repair still cannot be used properly, can replace the same or the same function or directly return;


五、The establishment of service system

Enthusiastic customer service service easier access to communication of customer trust and reputation than the direct replacement products, thus to establish and perfect after sale service is the basis for continued operation and gain the benefit of dealers. Service standards to meet the following conditions:

1, the good enterprise system, a reasonable division of labor, have service consciousness

2, have professional specific knowledge comprehensive customer service repair personnel

3, fixed telephone customer service, be trained with regularity, enthusiastic customer service staff

4, there are all kinds of professional repair tools, commonly used repair parts, unified work uniforms

5, convenient transportation and packing image

The installation process and etiquette requires 6, professional

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