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The spirit of enterprise -- the enterprising and innovation, dedication, harmony

Enterprising: leadership is not eternal, maintain our leading position must be enterprising.


Innovation: we only the pioneers, the courage to deny yourself, break the old operation pattern and mode of thinking, world without end, never performed continuously in order to maintain the vitality and creativity.


Dedication: don't think first, for what I've done, but to think about what you can do for the company. The company provides us with the opportunity to be fair, only hard work, can harvest.


Harmony: relationship between the company and employees, customers, shareholders and society are interdependent, we are in pursuit of harmony and win-win benefit relationship between the various subjects.


Business philosophy - professional, integrity


Professional: we do not refuse to diversification, but refused to enter the we are not good at field, we think, only focus our expertise, can realize the dream to move towards the world stage.


Integrity: we adhere to the contract as the foundation of integrity, honesty to keep a full range of business activities in CITIC, operating in the CITIC keep their promise, handle affairs strictly in accordance with the commitment.


Enterprise purpose -- employee satisfaction customer satisfaction, satisfaction of social satisfaction


Employee satisfaction: the employee is the first company resources and strategic capital, we have always committed to provide talent show and growth opportunities, and help employees at work and realize their own value and sense of achievement.


Customer satisfaction: customer demand is the reason for our existence. We must continue to learn, tracking and maximize meet customer demand, better and faster than competitors in order to provide customers with the help, to create world-class customer satisfaction.


Shareholder satisfaction: shareholders is the material foundation of our existence, the pursuit of shareholder satisfaction, constantly for shareholders to create competitive return is our foundation for the sustainable management.


Social satisfaction: return society embodies the value and meaning of our existence, we must take a highly responsible attitude to the society development, we will always adhere to the legal, organizational citizenship responsible, providing products, and social harmony and progress of high quality for the society.

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