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Glass bathroom fashion to solve the narrow vision

PUBLISH:Fa Lan Nuo Sanitary ware  TIME:2013-05-28

  As everyone knows, the decorative glass can give you create a: fresh and refined, noble and elegant temperament, so is a lot of young female preferred. Glass made hazy feeling to increase the romantic atmosphere of integral bathroom.


        Now the price is very expensive, so many people and step back, some people buy a house is a small square, in this case, the toilet is particularly narrow, so there are some crowded feeling, how to solve this problem? The answer is: glass bathroom. 

        Glass bathroom can solve the visual on the narrow, dark defects, other materials can not replace. At present, most of the glass material is glass. Flat glass in the process of the master hand after special treatment. The glass is ordinary glass strength is very large, 3 to 5 times, has the performance impact, bending and extremely resistant to cold, heat better, even if broken will not have acute angle pieces, can greatly reduce the harm to the human body, therefore, the most appropriate types of bath manufactured. After a small survey, also found that the building materials market most glass bathroom have taken this toughened glass.


        Glass made out of the bathroom is not only beautiful, very beautiful. Because the glass can be suitable area according to the size of the space to cut, can be placed on many kinds of pattern, add other mood. For example: some flower pattern, can make your bathroom to become South Korea garden fresh; some beauty Madou pattern, can give you the bathroom to bring sexy color; some cartoon printed, can make your bathroom into childhood fun.

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