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Massage bathtub how to install?

PUBLISH:Fa Lan Nuo Sanitary ware  TIME:2013-05-28

The so-called massage bathtub is a water massage function increased in the design of traditional bath products, it is a kind of bath products and popular, in the process of bath can give people a very comfortable feeling, help people eliminate fatigue; reasonable quality massage bath not only requires its own design and good quality, but also requires the installation quality have been to the standard, how to massage bath crock installation bathroom space? Let small make up for you for the following analysis and explanation!

1, before installing the massage bathtub, the first detection of massage bathtub is complete without damage, and on the bathtub easy water leakage to components with silica gel waterproof to installation position, especially the lower water outlet and the water pipe connecting the motor to note.

2, massage bathtub in the installation position, drainage tube placed to ensure good water. Continuous adjustment of anchor bolts, let all anchor bolts safe guarantee block level.

3, because the massage bathtub also belongs to the electrical products, in the use of the process will use electricity, therefore in the surrounding ground plate must be waterproof, to prevent the occurrence of leakage accident. Audition motor sound is normal, without any exception, the hot and cold water pipes connected in place available tools.

After 4, the cylinder to the bathtub installed, require the installation of the components, parts and components are installed, massage bathtub position adjustment to the best position. Then open the power, check whether the normal operation of various functions and make the appropriate adjustments.

5, the cylinder body water discharge, see the speed and capacity of water is normal. Put some water droplets remaining clean cylinder body, with the film will the good protection, wait until after a certain time can be used.

As is the massage bath crock installation steps and methods in common use bathroom space, of course, in the process of installation and many details need to pay attention to, suggest you or to find the best installation master professional massage bathtub installed!

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