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Matters needing attention in the installation crouchs implement

PUBLISH:Fa Lan Nuo Sanitary ware  TIME:2013-05-28

Squatting pan is the modern home furnishing bathroom space in the necessary sanitary ware products, performance squat toilet use process stability, on the one hand from its own quality, and on the other hand, from the installation quality, so the installation crouchs implement is a door knowledge, in the process of installation crouchs implement in we should pay attention to some details, to ensure the installation quality or quality of the good.


Installation crouchs implement attention mainly has the following several major points:


1, installation crouchs implement, please measure the product size, and reserved the installation position according to the size of. Installation position using mixed mortar filling, prohibit the use of cement installation, otherwise the cement setting expansion could squeeze the toilet.


2, the mounting surface and a squatting pan is coated with a layer of asphalt or butter, the squatting closet isolation device and water mortar and product protection against cracking.


Squatting pan 3, all with traps, water pipe should not set traps, otherwise it will affect the flushing function. Squat toilet without traps, it should be traps arranged on the pipes.


4, in the use of the squatting pan, please do not send home net toilet, the most professional home decoration portal into the newsprint, paper diaper, sanitary napkin for women, easy plugging items.


5, at zero degrees Celsius environment cannot bend, squat toilet and other cavity in the stored water, otherwise the water freezing and expansion may squeeze the toilet.


Many Jiezhuang friends in the first fashion repairs to the squat toilet ware, and while in use in the follow-up to the toilet, in fact, squatting pan into the toilet can be, just need consumers need to pay attention to some matters in the process of transformation, the transformation of quality standards.


Crouch implement change sit implement when, due to the internal structure of two types of stool and water thrown away from the wall of different size and, therefore, need to do the following treatment, can make the normal use.


1, the sewer pipe mouth size inconsistent rejection. With the water tank, water outlet from the closet off net wall is 400mm, squat toilet water from the net wall is 600mm, how to make the toilet water pipe into the original squatting on? The method is making even the box steel plate, steel plate at both ends of each welding 100mm diameter pipe, the height of not more than 100mm, one end of the upper and the toilet is connected, one end and the squatting pan is connected trap socket. And the squatting pan is connected pipes, opening holes on the plate and then welding; and the toilet connected pipes, should open arc groove and the pipe cross-sectional area is in the pipe, the tank should be located upstream of the squatting pan drain. In order to prevent the water overflow, shall be welded and sealed environment and the top plate, and paint with asphalt on the inner and outer brush. The toilet is in place, the interface on the putty closed, to prevent water leakage.


2, poor drainage problems. Squatting pan traps with the atmosphere, flushing the stool, relatively easy to drain, and the toilet itself with S bending, two traps will be impeded drainage problems, this is mainly because the gas block induced by. Elimination method is to drill holes on the 12mm in the drainage pipe, the pipe diameter 10mm insertion hole and welded pipe, the outside binding plastic tube section diameter 10mm, hose to the higher floor, pipe bending down, prevent dirt into the hose, and exhaust.

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