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How to choose the bathroom washbasin?

PUBLISH:Fa Lan Nuo Sanitary ware  TIME:2013-05-28

Wash basin, bathroom basin, is a necessary project modern bathroom renovation process, the market on the washbasin vary, according to the general installation the use of different types of basin, is not the same, in addition to buy Bathroom wash basin at the same time, also have to consider the bathroom space size, of different sizes, types lavatory choice is not the same.


1, the bathroom area hours the best selection of column Basin

Bathroom use ceramic wash basin mainly consists of basin and basin. Column basin is suitable for the small size or use rate is not very high in the bathroom, such as passenger Wei, general column basin mostly design is very simple, because you can hide the column basin drainage components to the column, which gives a clean, neat appearance, but also in the hand, when, the human body can naturally stand in front of the basin, which is more convenient to use, comfortable.


2, the bathroom area is larger when the optional basin

Relative to the basin, the basin is more suitable for installation in the area of relatively large bathrooms, such as the main Wei, can be made of natural stone and artificial stone countertops with use, can also be customized bathroom cabinet under the table, holding the bathroom supplies, beautiful and practical.


3, choose the washbasin key reference quantity is long width installation position

Select the reference basin or basin into installation position width and length, generally speaking, as long as more than 52 centimeters mesa width, length greater than 70 cm selection basin room is very large, even if the table length less than 70 cm is not recommended that you choose basin and basin, if the choice of basin will affect the installation effect, it will be difficult in the basin of choice. In addition, in the basin and the basin of choice must pay attention to the installation position of the conditions, such as whether it will affect the door switch, if there is a suitable outfall, whether there is water on the installation position.


4, under counter basin and the difference on the stage of the basin

Basin bathroom space according to their different installation also have classification, mainly divided into the basin on the stage and under counter basin, basin prominent general table called the platform basin, basin depression in the following table completely called under counter basin. On the stage of the basin simple installation, use the surface water not shun slot dirty, so use at home more. Look under counter basin after the installation of the overall relatively clean is easy to take care of, so is widely used in public places, but the joint place of basin and mesa is relatively easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, and, under counter basin has higher requirements to the installation process, and under counter basin style is single, only can play is the surface color and shape, so generally used at home little.

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