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Shower head height and how to design the installation?

PUBLISH:Fa Lan Nuo Sanitary ware  TIME:2013-05-28

Modern people home furnishing bathroom space are more like to use shower room installation, installation shower room nature require installation of shower, installed in the shower, not only need to ensure that the installation quality, in order to ensure the use of comfort, therefore also have to consider the installation of high degree, many people don't understand the shower head height how to design the best, let today small make up for you to explain how to design your shower installation height! The hope can help the home furnishing decoration friends.


Shower head height and its installation method, generally dark the shower nozzle export from the floor height of 210 cm, faucet switch floor height of 110 cm. The other is lifting sprinkler installed, the sprinkler installation height in general, shower heads out of the water 200 cm from the floor to the right.


Of course, the installation height above the shower only as a reference standard, this standard is based on the average Chinese height calculated, and because every household home furnishing in the population average height is completely different, so in the actual installation of your shower, its height can be appropriately adjusted according to the family actual height, can not blindly rely on standard, only according to the height of the shower installed high received good effect.


Therefore, for the shower installation height is appropriate, sprinkler installation height standard is how many such problems, the answer cannot lump together, but should be based on the height to set, the ideal shower mounting height should be higher than the height of 20~30 cm is the best, that height makes people in the use of shower more comfortable fit.

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