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Shower room choice should pay attention to the glass does not need too thick suitable for good

PUBLISH:Fa Lan Nuo Sanitary ware  TIME:2013-05-28

Shower room glass thickness, firmness and its nature is strong, but if too thick, would run counter to one's desire, because more than 8mm thickness of the glass is difficult in some small brands of shower room factory fully tempered, so once the glass broken, will have a sharp surface, which easy to produce the scratch of the human body.


Because the glass is thicker, the thermal conductivity will be worse, so the possibility of occurrence of glass burst is greater, because one of the main reasons is that all local cooling glass explosion caused by the uneven, so from this point on the explosion-proof glass should be as thin as possible.


Glass, the thicker the weight, pressure is too large for the hinge, life will be shortened profiles and pulley pulley, especially low-grade shower room most of the use of poor quality, so that the glass more thick but more dangerous! Good and bad tempered glass mainly depends on the toughening degree, whether formal large production, transmittance, impact resistance, heat resistance and so on. Glass thicker the better is a misunderstanding.


Shower room is generally in the market are claimed to be toughened glass, subtle differences in tempering degree, good glass is completely tempered, at worst not up to 100% of the toughened, the market more than 8mm glass basically cannot reach the 100% steel.

After consumer orders, you can pay attention to the 3C certification mark, tempered glass, regardless of size, the above shall be affixed with a 3C mark, from the details can know is it right? Tempered glass. Consumers buy Shower room should choose the regular professional brand, carefully check whether the factory name, the site and the certificate, the regular factory product quality and construction process more secure.

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