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The personage inside course of study: buy Shower room to be careful

PUBLISH:Fa Lan Nuo Sanitary ware  TIME:2013-05-28

Sanitary ware bathroom purchase is crucial, buy Shower room can not be blindly, will stay several more seriously.


Note 1: toilet area decided to shower room shapes

Shower room shapes generally symmetrical arc sector, there is a square, diamond, a sliding door, folding door, shaft door, to enter the way to enter into or single entry angle, angle into the biggest characteristic is to be able to expand the use of rate, can make better use of limited bathroom area, is the application of many styles, buy Shower room shapes to size and orientation of the reference room.


Note 2: "three noes" products can not buy

Shower room advocate for toughened glass, toughened glass quality difference is bigger, authentic toughened glass look carefully with indistinct pattern. Buy Shower room must be from the formal channels of purchase, to look at the brand, can not yield to the temptation of cheap, and some flaunt is high-end shower room, looks very beautiful, a lot of functions, it is the "three noes" of products, quality is not good especially easy to rust, hot also not line, or even glass will crack.


Note 3: steam shower room, the warranty period function

Buy Shower room with steam function should be concerned about the steam engine and computer control panel. If steamer closes nevertheless, take too long to have bad. In addition, the core part of the computer control panel is the shower room. Because of all the function key of shower room is on the computer board, once the computer board problem, the shower can not be enabled, therefore, in the purchase must be asked steamed turbine and the computer board of the warranty time.


Note 4: chassis plate whether environmental protection

Shower room chassis texture into the glass fiber, acrylic, diamond three, diamond best fastness, convenient dirt cleaning. At present, the shower room use plate mainly acrylic, is used in glass fiber composite acrylic sheet containing formaldehyde, easy air pollution. That is: if the back of acrylic board and the positive difference, rough comparison, a composite Yakeli board.


Note that the above details, select high-quality for the bathroom shower valve.

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