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The development potential of the shower room industry is great

PUBLISH:Fa Lan Nuo Sanitary ware  TIME:2013-05-28

In the western region, especially in Xi'an area is not large shower good brand, now still in the imitation stage, in the shower room industry internal foreign not introduce good technology and talent, compared to the southern city we are still very backward. Just two years time, like the southern city of Zhongshan City, set up a "shower room industry base", "shower Industrial Park," and held "shower Industry Exhibition" and held "shower industry forum". Zhongshan city hall and local counterparts have made a good role model, in the production and sales to build a huge communication platform for enterprises. Zhongshan city hopes to the shower room manufacturers to seize this opportunity, bigger and stronger. In order to better throughout the whole of china.

In the investigation in Shaanxi city at county level in the periphery of the market, find very interesting subtle changes, such as dealers operating in industries like combined operations: solar + sanitary ware industry, paint and paint and wallpaper profession or floor, ambry + wardrobe and kitchen appliances and so on, also have appeared in small home appliances small supermarket (like Gome and Suning Appliance early embryonic form), and Pucheng love home building materials home furnishing city has a boss this is not fresh, fresh is the mall most bathroom, door, ceramic, cabinets and other industry brands are operated by a boss, only a few businesses hire store business, this business model before I ever thought about but in personnel management is defective, when I went to a lot of stores are no business staff, the lights went out of business.

As the state of the country support policies to increase, the city real estate to enter the initial stage of development, people's pursuit of a better life in the future is to allow all doubt, the old people living standard has improved but also the pursuit of more and better quality of life, shower room brands need time in the county-level market, depends on the state of the local support the strength of local people, rich is rich, will be increased consumer demand, the current or second-tier brands and three line brand market space.

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